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GRR can't find a good foundation :'( help?

preferably a powder that i can wear on its' own but able to look natural while having good coverage. Nothing orange. And i want it to last all day =D

I'm in Australia btw (:

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    A really good one is i.d. bare minerals by bare escentuals but it's quite expensive in Aus. A cheaper alternative which I find pretty good is the mineral foundation from the body shop. It's only recently come out.

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    american Beauty from Kohl's they have the best foundation for a good price...less than 20. And you can try the colors out to see what you like the best.

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    I use - it matches the under tones in the skin so it matches perfectly. Set w/loose translucent powder (light, medium or dark) and use it for touch ups during the day.

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    the best powder ever that gives the perfect look is the one from Max factor and it is not expensive at all trust me is arround 5 Euro

    i used it daily and my face is perfect i have no need for other make ups

    use it and you will see the diference

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you have mineral make-up down there get that

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