What new songs are coming out in october 2008? ?

like rnb hip hop kinda music

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    Ashanti – All that I need


    50 cent- 50 for President

    Young Joc- Please Believe It

    Gucci Mane- I live in a TV

    Gucci Mane ft Young Joc- If Ya Girl Choose

    Gucci Mane- Haunted House

    Gucci Mane- Lodi Dodi (a month old)

    Trey Songz- Live Ya Life Cover – (ITS GUD N KINDA FUNNY 2 ME)

    John Legend- Good Morning

    Cherish- Bump Like Some Speakers

    Freekey Zekey ft Lil Wayne- This Girl

    Murphy Lee- My Shoes (Old but Gud)

    The Game- Through My Eyes

    T.I- I Know U Miss Me

    Trina Ft Foxy Brown- Whatever You like Remix

    Tynisha Keli – I Wished You Loved Me (Dis super old but da video jus came out friday)

    Neyo ft Nicki Minaj- Miss Independent Remix

    Leona Lewis- Forgive Me (2 weeks old)

    TI ft T-Pain- Propane

    Brutha- Afraid to Love (bout a month old)

    Rocko- Walk it to tha bank (a week old)

    Pussycat Dolls- I Hate This Part

    Bobby Valentino- Beep (a month old)

    Britney Spears – Womanizer

    Donnie J – Get of the wall

    Donnie J- You Make Me Feel (Really old 2 me but cute)

    Ciara – Walk on the Wall (2 months old)

    Ciara- Fantasy Ride (old)

    Ciara ft Missy Elliott- Work

    Ciara- Echo (old)

    Jazmine Sullivan- Best of Me

    Beyonce- Forever to bleed

    Beyonce- Settle 4 U

    Beyonce- Beautiful Nightmare (Really Old But Gud)

    Beyonce- Stop Sign

    Beyonce- New Shoes (just old) but really gud if u like irreplaceable

    Beyonce- Kick em Out (4 months old)

    Kelly Rowland-Broken (Really really old but really gud)

    Ok most of the ones that old are jus old 2 me but some r jus old but some ppl haven’t heard it yet

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    @ Buchan: already got my copy, along with Black Bastards reserved on amazon. lol

    anyways as far as R&B/Hip Hop what I'm waiting for in October is Foreign Exchange - Leave It All Behind. It'll be like Hip-Hop/Neo-Soul. Definitely going to be a must buy for Hip-Hop/Soul lovers.

  • these are all new. im not sure if they come out n october or november, but they're all very good :)


    glow in the dark


    electric guitar

    shake it

    nasty girl

    golden girl

    takin' my air

    air love

    last to know

    im afraid


    over the edge

    get by

    up and down

    hard as hell

    fallin in love


    every piece of my heart

    you were there

    officially over

    its not you, its me

    DONTAE: suicide

    DRE: boom boom room



    let it go


    love in you

    heart never had a hero

    JAY SEAN: why cry

    LIL EDDIE: now or never


    like a star

    cant say go

    give my love away

    CHRISHAN: the one

    JESSICA MAUBOY: running back ft flo-rida

    Source(s): hope this helps :)
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    The reissue of Operation:Doomsday comes out October 7th.I'm going to buy it.and anybody who likes underground hip hop should get it aswell.

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    RnB and hip hop is my fave.. and there is soo many:

    Neyo- Single- loves that song (it has new kids on the block in it)

    Deepside- Booty Music (must say thats my fave song of the moment)

    Ti. What ever you like (hes soo hott lolz)

    New Kids on the block- dirty dancing (great song cant beleve i havent

    heard of them bfore)

    Jackie Boys calling me (loves this not sure its new though)

    Hope This Helps x

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    i dnt no much songs, but right now my favourite is

    Guarantee-flo rida & Akon

    here are some sites dat have da latest songs.




    and type in google rnb music blog nd its da 1st 1.


  • 1 decade ago

    Golden Age by TV on the Radio.

    Album just came out a couple of days ago.

    Source(s): My ears.
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