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Males, age and penis size?? Plz answer?

What is your age and penis size? what is the smallest and largest penis size you personally know? What is your height? When did you start having pubic and armpit hair? Are you circumcised?

How do you carry out everyday activities of your penis like urinating and cleaning etc(answer this part if you are uncircumcised)........ Be honest. thnx


penis size, when flaccid and erect

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    6 ft, age 19, size 43 inches

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    I don't care what you found on your dad's computer .... HE does not have a foot long between his legs ..... IF there was actually such a picture ; it was one of those that had been doctored up ...... Penis size is determined by genetics .... maybe this will help you .... : While there is really NO average , so to speak for teens .... If you wish to know just how you compare with other guys ... Use this to see just how well you are hung ... There have been numerous studies done to determine what the "Average" size of the male penis is and NOT any two of those studies gave the same results .... Back in 1990 Men's Health did a study on the Average size of the Adult male penis and decided that it was just at 6 Inches ... Just six years later ... The Journal of Urology did their survey and came up with an Average of 5.08 Inches for the Adult Male Penis .. Then in 2000 ; The Journal for Impotency Research did their study and found Average to be 5.35 Inches .... while that same year, Lifestyles Condoms did a study that came up with 5.9 Inches .... Cool Nurse in 2007 said that 6.1 Inches to 6.5 inches. However; they even admits that they feel that the participants LIED as they measured their own penises without a monitor etc ... so their results need to be discounted to a certain degreee .... Some say the Lifestyles study is WRONG because they only used 500 men ; while the other studies did at least 5,000. NOTE: That until the age of 20-22 ; MOST males and their penis will continue to grow .... However ... a penis can stop growing at any age as can your height .. they both don't have to stop and / or continue at the same time. With all things considered ... Most Authorities now say that the AVERAGE Male "ADULT" Penis is 5.2 to 5.5 Inches when fully erect ....

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    1) Age: 30

    2) My penis size: 6.75 to 7 inches (depending on how horny I am)

    3) Smallest size I know personally: Tony = barely 5 inches erect (he even told me that himself)

    4) Largest size I know personally: Kerry = says he's 9 inches erect (I believe him because his GF openly admits that also, plus I've seen it)

    5) My Height: 5'8"

    6) Pubic & Armpit hair: between 13-14

    7) Not circumcised! Still have my foreskin.

    8) Peeing? It's pretty easy. I'm pretty sure I do it the same way you do. Aim and let loose. The foreskin doesn't really affect the urine stream. Some guys pull it back others don't. I usually leave it forwards when I pee, then shake it a few times and squeze before I put it away.

    9) Cleaning? Also very easy. Take a shower everyday, lather up, pull the foreskin back wash penis, rinse off, done. Okay, sometimes I do beat off in the shower, but I can't help it! You always get a b-o-n-e-r when you "wash it".

    10) Flaccid size: 3.5 inches.

    11) Erect size: almost 7 inches.

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    18 Yrs old

    Penis Size 7"

    dont know other peoples penis size lol

    Weight 172lbs

    at age 14 for pubic and arm hair

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