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I am a Former Marine going to the Army Rangers?

I am transferring to the Army.

And would like to sign that Ranger contract.

But what i was wondering what could i expect in Ranger School and R.I.P and what happens if i pass R.I.P and Airborne school but fail Ranger school would i get sent to regular infantry?

I just think that would be a waste of money just for me to pass all that training and just get thrown with the regular Army.


sanoe I would like to try something different i am getting kind of tired of being the Navy's police force.

And plus the Army has better benefits and faster promotions.

No disrespect to any Marines i just want to follow in my fathers foot steps and get to be a Ranger,

Update 2:

basspro i signed up for the Marines because of the commercials and all the hype and credit Marines get.

But when you get there you realize all the hype and all those commercials are all bullshit and a bunch of propaganda.

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    Like others have said, being prior service your chances of getting an Option 40 contract are slim to none. There is no reg that says you can't, but prior service aren't slotted for the contract. I've only known of one guy that was prior service to get one coming back in, and he was a prior 75th Somalia guy.

    Have you thought about looking into 18X (Special Forces) you can get that if you're prior service.

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    I am assuming you will be EASing and than re-enlisting. Being pior

    enlisted you won't have all the option you would have had if this was your initial enlistment. The Army has different categories and prior enlisted is at the bottom. I was an Army Recruiter 03-06 in Escondido, CA and we worked with MANY MANY MANY Marines that felt the same as you. You would be surprised at how many Marines are in the Army.

    At the beginning of my tour prior enlisted had to take what they got or go home. Usually you kept you same MOS and picked, from a short list, where you wanted to go. If your MOS wasn't available you picked a new MOS from a short list. If you were an E-5 or above you list was even shorter. Closer to 06 prior enlisted were getting alot more options

    To answer your question, if you qualify you want an Infantry Contract with the Ranger option, I believe it is option 40 but could be wrong. You will go AIT, Air Borne, Rip, and than Ranger school. You will be slotted for Ranger Battalion so as long as you pass all the schooling you will end up Ranger, if not you will be Infantry.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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    It is a possibility to get a RIP contract as prior service, but very very rare. I went through RIP with a Marine that was prior service (who failed and got sent regular army).

    It's nearly impossible to get into the 75th Ranger Regiment unless you started off there.

    The usual path starts off with BASIC, AIT, Airborne, RIP, then Ranger School. If you graduate RIP you will be sent to one of the three Ranger battalions or Regimental HQ. Usually within 6-12 months you will be sent to attend Ranger School. If you fail for any reason other than medical you will be released from the Regiment and sent to a regular army unit. Serving and staying in the 75th Ranger Regiment is the hardest thing to do, because if you're not 110% at all times, you can be RFS'ed (Released for Standards) at any time.

    Given the information you've provided I am suspecting that your chances of getting a RIP contract are slim to none. However, as KJ mentioned, you should look into the 18X program. They will accept prior service.

    Source(s): U.S. Army Veteran 75th Ranger Regiment (2004-2008)
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    Prior service are not eligible for a RIP Contract.

    Plus, ranger Contracts, do not include Ranger School,

    They just get you a chance at RIP.

    It is almost impossible to join the ranger regiment, unless you started your career by going thru RIP.

    The Ranger like to grow their own NCO's,

    So even NCO's from other units, that have done Ranger School, have a very hard time, getting an assignment to the Ranger Regiment.

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    Your just going to go to airborne school then RIP then you will spend some time at one of the Ranger Battalions. When your leadership feels your ready for Ranger School they will send you. You cant become an NCO until you complete Ranger School in Batt. Just remember Rangers Never Quit.

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    Is it possible to switch at will between the different forces marines, army like that? Strange the U.S would be the only country to allow that.

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    Why didn't you just go straight for the Rangers in the first place? If you fail you won't be following in your father's footsteps. I wish you the best with the Army but the Marines are number one in my book.

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    why dont you go Recon or MarSoc?

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