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Do ya'll think this is right?

Ok I was on the interstate in sallisaw oklahoma and I was doing about 65mph. Well this state trooper almost speeds past me, then he slows down, then just suddenly he get's behind me and pulls me over for not using my blinker when I know I did. He told me that when I was getting in front of this car that I didn't use my blinker. One get's me is that I never got in front of a car. In otherwords I stayed in my right hand lane. Also I know it's bs cuz if I'm going to get over, I always use my blinker. I mean it's a habit that I do it. I guess cuz of being in drivers ed. Anyways is there anything I can do about that, or is it just his word against mine. All he did was write me out a warning, but I don't even think I should've got a warning, especially when I did for a fact use my blinker. I don't know, I just think it's bs.

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    A warning is just that. It doesn't require any other action. Maybe you deserved it maybe not .It doesn't count on your driving record. So just forget about it and let it go. He may of missed you signaling because he was distracted. They do make mistakes. Maybe that's why you got a warning only and not a ticket. If this is all you got to worry about in life than your lucky.......Aparantly poster (above) cant read as you are not required to go to court on a warning so why would you need to plead guilty or not and try and beat it. That's why you get useless advice is because people put there 2 cents in without thinking before they spout off...Maybe that's why they are in trouble because of there lack of thinking............ujn

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    well if you KNOW you did... then you should stand against the verdict in court.

    (just so you know, the troopers usually have a cam attached to their cars) so, if you "didn't" use your blinker, then just plead guilty. but if your more than positive, then don't plead guilty.

    Hope i helped!

    Source(s): happened to me once, where the cop tried to wrongfully accuse me, but i stood against it and got it dismissed :)
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