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Guys: Is husky voice a turn off if I'm a girl?

I have naturally husky voice. They are not really low but definitely lower than most girls. Would guys find my voice sexy or gross?

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    I depends largely on the tone. As long as it doesn't sound manly I have nothing against it at all. I don't mind girls with course voices (smokers) as their laughs are hilarious. If I had to choose between a husky voice or a high strung voice for my girl I would certainly say husky. I find some high pitched woman voices down right annoying. So I guess you could say its a turn on.

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    Husky Voice Female

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    Not at all the voice you have got I'm sure is fine. Don't be fooled by some one Else's view on the subject. Don't for get you'll have to live with this voice for the rest of your life, so better start liking it now.

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    I've noticed many pretty girls have kinda deep voices which is a surprise at first glance to hear such a voice from this beauty, but to be honest it is very ok - to me at least. And I would say it depends for others taste ...

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    As long as you still have a little of a high pitch voice, I really dont care. I go for girls whos personality is like mine (romantic, emotional, shy etc). I cant say this for all guys though, as every guy is different.

  • Heck no,i know ALOT of men that love Lauren BcCalls voice,they think it's very sexy!!

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    personally i think its a bit tomboyish and i wouldnt like it as much. but im sure theres lots of guys that like girls with husky voices...its all personal preference and also, voice is such a small part when it comes to relationships and shlt it just shouldnt matter very much.

    i know i would never deny a girl because of her voice...thats just silly.

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    You WIN best question of the night award... just depends on what you say =) just be sweet thats a turn on dosen't matter what voice its in... Good Luck

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