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can i feel that have cocieved within the few days of my conception? can my body react?

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    If you are hoping to or planning to be pregnant then women will tell you they just "knew" they were pregnant. But lottery winners will tell you they "knew" the day they bought their tickets. A lot of it is wishful thinking. They generally forget all those times when they "knew" they were pregnant and turned out not to be.

    But to be reasonable, any sexually active woman of childbearing age always has this in the back of her mind.

    Within days of conception your body won't exhibit any specific symptoms that can firmly be attributed to the pregnancy. In the second half of any woman's cycle her ovaries pump our progesterone which sets off a lot of the symptoms that women get in early pregnancy - and are identical to PMS, eg: mood swings, tender breasts, increased urination, headaches etc.

    If conception doesn't occur then progesterone drops, her period starts and the symptoms vanish. If she does conceive, then her period is missed, the symptoms persist and usually start to become more pronounced.

    So within days of conception, there's no real way of knowing if it's happened or not.

    Source(s): RN Midwife, IVF Consultant and mother of 7
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    yes well some people can.. the very first time i got pregos i knew within days i could just feel wasnt even that my boobs were sore or anything i could just feel something was different and sure enough i was . and it was the same with my second i new within days it all depends on how aware of your body you are i guess or how sensitive to changes you are. your body starts changing and preparing as soon as youve concieved so its defiently possible

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  • Most experts will tell you that you can't, but many women claim to just "know"

    As for feeling pregnancy symptoms - those generally won't start until 1 - 4 weeks after conception.

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    besides the fact that if you know you body then you may js know, but also hormones will start goin crazy right away, so yes, lol

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