Why should knights have loyalty?

I need ways in which loyalty makes a great knight.

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    Because training is costly, you want to make sure that your investment is one that's going to pay off. If you train a knight only to have them run off to another kingdom then you've lost your investment.

    Aside from that it's also a security issue, a Knight is going to need to know many of the secrets of a kingdom in order to protect them. If they defect then all those secretes become vulnerable.

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    The Knights of the Temple of the Shrike have reappeared in Ketchelbank after a long absence. None no where they went or why. It appears though that there first move since returning is to strike up old arguments with The Malton Zookeepers over territorial disputes. In the past the Knights were lead by the Trinity, The Lion, The Tiger, and The Bear, many Knights also had religious titles such as Cardinal, Arch Bishop and Bishop. Many have called the Knights a Pker group as they seem to kill any and all. Some would say they are just misunderstood.What is known about the Knights is that they are furiously loyal to the Shrike.All members are easily identified by the Red Cross they wear. It is a group open to both Humans and Zombies. They believe in The philosophy of pleasure and pain and members are forbidden to take Brain Rot; as their core belief is in the Love of a Thousand Rebirths. They were also known for their Tag of Lions and Tigers and Bears.


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    There is alot of training to become a knight. By the time all the tests have been done you want nothing more than to be a knight. You take an oath when you become one. You word was you bond. You would do everything in your power not to break that with your king or sovereignty. It would take a very large injustice witnessed by that knight to break those bonds. A knight starts out with little more his honor when he is knighted. The rewards come after he has proven he is worthy. Loyalty comes from both sides it is necessary for an knight and king to work together. Then that knight will do anything to keep that vow.

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    The first person to answer is basically correct. However, many knights were "loyal" because they were paid to be that way. The spoils of war were usually distributed by the king (or chieftain) as gifts to his warriors. Payment was most often in the form of land and home. This came with serfs who tended the land and paid a tax, in exchange for the knights protection.

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