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check this out! important! what do u honestly think of this?

hey guys! i need your opinions here please! let me know what u think of it! thanks. Male, 23, 5'11/180cm, 170lbs/77kg and is able to do 12 pushups in a row with a 120lbs/55kg person standing on his back. on his shoulder blades. what do u think of it? basically, the question is, what do u think of a 170lbs/77kg man doing 12 pushups in a row with a 120lbs/55kg person standing on his shoulder blades. perfect motion. all the way down till his chest touches the floor and all the way up. what do u honestly think of it? be honest please. thanks.

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    Good upper body strength.


    Source(s): Self - US Soldier (Guy in my Fire Department is the World Record Holder for his weight class in Bench Press - over 540lbs!)
  • You want honesty? Impressive, but that's a pretty stupid thing to do. Mind that this person doing the pushups doesn't slip or collapse, lest 55 kilos of weight break a rib or a shoulder blade.

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    I think

    You either have really strong upper body or a strong imagination.

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    Amen, someone is seriously pumping iron. Or taking steroids:P

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    That guy is really strong.

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    What does this have to do with the military?

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    O_O .....


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