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explorer.exe causing problems?

I just built a new desktop pc with windows xp home sp2. I have noticed that it has been running very slow, and in waves (speeds up, slows down). I opened task manager and explorer.exe is constantly running over 100mb/ram which is crazy, it is only at 18mb on my laptop right now.

It has slowed down the entire computer along with the internet, some websites wont even load. To make sure this was the problem, i ended the explorer.exe process. Everything ran fast, and all the websites loaded perfectly.

So my question is, whats going on here and how can I fix it? I know for sure it shouldnt be sucking up 100+mb of ram.


I have 2gb of ram and usually 70-80% of it is free at any explorer isnt using it all but it is slowing it down. I have scanned with AVG 8 and it didnt find anything..

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    If you're positive it's explorer.exe, you may want to consider another shell. I've heard good things about emerge desktop, bblean, litestep.

    Or, you can add more memory. Or check your processors.

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    From what you say it's definitely a windows issue.

    My advice is, in case you don't want to reinstall, to upgrade to SP3.

    You can down;oad it from here:

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