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Painting on shoes for fun ?

I decided I wanted to paint designs and get a little creative with my Fallen shoes. What I wanted to know was if acrylic paint would be okay on suede. I'm assuming it will stick but I've never tried before so I'm not sure.

Basically, is acrylic paint okay for suede ? & Will colors be okay on black suede ?

Acrylic is pretty thick so if I put white or something on the black, will it show up white or will I have to put layers ?

Thanks :D


I'm fine with the acrylic cracking. I'm doing painting in a class for a while so I can always do touch-ups when I need to :P Haha.

When you painted shoes, where they ever on dark shoes ? As in, if I painted yellow or white on the black, would it be okay the first time ? Or would I have to do layers to get it so that black didn't show through ?

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    If I were I you I'd try it. I painted with latex paint and spilled-dripped paint onto my shoes. It stayed on forever. Latex paint is similar to acrylics.

    Acrylics are used to paint designs on clothes, so painting shoes wouldn't be much different.

    Keep Arting!

    Jeff (weseye) Wesley

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    Acrylic should work as long as the suede hasn't been treated with a "weatherproof" coating.

    You may need to layer light colors on black suede or seal the suede before painting, to stop any dye bleed.

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    I would think a special dye for suede or maybe fabric paint but I think the acrylic would crack.

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    It should show up, but it will alter the suede quite a bit. Mix it a little with latex paint. That's what we used when I worked for Cirque. All their shoes were painted!

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