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Love That Destroyed me................?

Traumatic Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Ok there is a person in my life wich i used to obsessively (fantesised every night and day about it) and the person didn't even know it.Now i see it always in my dreams like PTSD and when i see it in reality I PASS OUT.

OMGWTF IS THIS ? I can't delete this person from my mind ,last time i saw the person was 1 year ago but i didnt talk to the person for 5 years (deleted all links) i tought i will forgot but my brain seems to have a scar about this person.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS ? I faint when i see the person

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and i also have that panic attack wich leads me to pass out when i see the person (im male btw)

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-beta blockers

-anti depressants


-mood stabilizers

nothing seemed to help,tough im not depressed

please don't answer like this as i will delete my Q

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    I still fantasize about a girl that I knew in high school, THIRTY EIGHT YEARS AGO. It takes a conscious effort on your part to remember her and it is going to take a conscious effort as well to not let the thought of her effect your, " QUALITY OF DAILY LIVING ". You have created your own excessive compulsive disorder. Now uncreate it !

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