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what will be the future of IT companies..?

obama said in his speech that he will stop all the IT projects sending ti INDIA as it may weakens their that he said so?well just make me clear what he said about IT companies in INDIA....if he did so what will be the future of IT company?

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    take this as another political stunt by him before the upcoming elections- I remember a similar debate was started before the 2004 presidential elections in the US, but outsourcing has been on the rise ever since.

    Corporates in US cannot survive if they hire all local residents for all their positions- the cost would go through the roof, rendering it impossible for organisations to continue in business. Due to this, outsourcing has become a necessary evil for the US companies. I say necessary, as this is the only way to keep costs under control, and an evil, as they know that outsourcing means loss of job opportunities for US residents.


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