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If a cat feels imposed on will it start urinating on clothes?

we had her first before any of our kids or cat. we went though several pet friends for her she is now 7. I think she`s fed up with everyone that keeps coming in her house.

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    Cats can definitely find ways to show you how they feel. When they are happy, you know it... but when they are upset, oh, will you know it as well.

    Before addressing any behavioral issues one always has to rule out medical issues. Cats are infamous for urinary tract problems of all sorts. Urinating outside of the litterbox is a symptom of urinary problems, but can also be a behavioral issue, so that alone cannot be used to diagnose her condition. Your vet will want to collect a urine sample, probably by cystocentesis (tapping the bladder with a needle - provides a sterile sample), and most likely want to do blood work to check her organ function (mainly for kidney values) and to check for infection.

    Either way, it sounds like somebody needs a trip to the vet! Good luck, I hope it turns out to be something simple and treatable.

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    This sounds as though this can be a habits predicament. Have you converted you agenda in recent times? Has the cat moved just lately? Are there new folks or pets which can be within the cats lifestyles? Cats and babies will usually act out simply to get a few concentration. Spend a few further time with the cat and make a fuss over her whilst ever you go back from going out and the predicament must leave on its possess.

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    I use to have a cat that would pee in the middle of the bathroom floor every time he was mad, usually about his litter box needing to be clean or me going out of town. I had him checked by the vet and it was nothing health related. That being said, my current cat started urinating on things and it turned out to be bladder stones. It was easily treated with meds and a special kind of food.

    It probably wouldn't hurt to have your cat checked by a vet. To test for the bladder stones, I had to collect a urine sample from my cat - it is not easy.

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