Stuck inbetween the 2!!!? i have a boyfriend of almost half a year.and when we talk and are together everything is perfect(i couldnt imagine being with anyone else)Until i leave.Thats when its all bad....i wouldnt call myself a cheater buht i do tend to dabble when im not being watched by him.I love him to death but temptaion gets the best of me 8 times out of 10.and the thing is he's in love with me(wants me to have his kid the whole 9).but i dont want to break his heart and break up with him and tell him why because this dabbling has been going on for the past 3-4 months.when i say dabble i mean kissed someone else,and on the verge of going out with another person,have gone out on dates,denied being in a relationship, etc etc and i have only been involved with my good friend sexually once sine i"ve been with my so lost.i want to break it off because its the right thing to do but i still want to be with him.....i think. and it isnt like i've never tried to break it off its just he gives me this pitiful "but i love you"speech and im back where i started....what should i do???????

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    1 decade ago
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    You really want to break it off so do it. Sooner or later you will have to and it is best to get it done and move on. You say temptation gets the better of you, if you truly loved the guy you would not be tempted by another influence. Own up to the truth and be happy with the one that you want. The worst that can happen is that he gets a broken heart but he will move on or stay in the doldrums.up to him, not up to you. You are you, go and live YOUR life.

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    it seems to me that you're only with your bf because u feel sorry for him. if your gonna leave him just do it!

    your hurting him way more if you stay with him...the worst part is that your hurting him without him even knowing.

    so just do it. and even though it might tear you up inside...its the best thing to do if you're fooling around. so either just stop the fooling around or just break it off

    you have a lot of thinking ot do...

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