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Does anyone know where to find help for a father in a custody case?

I guess that the best way for me to start this is to explain everything. Please read it completely before posting angry answers.

I am the father of a 10 month old baby girl. The mother had a past jail history at the time that we had met, but I didn't know the extent of it. We split up when she was 3 months pregnant, due to an abusive ex moving back into town that she ran off for. (also her first childs father) When my little girl was born in november, the mother denied me any visitation whatsoever with my girl. 2 weeks after my child was born I recieved a call from the mother stating that she was kicked out of her boyfriends house and needed a ride for her and my daughter to a place that she was going to live at in my town. I jumped at the opportunity to see my daughter and moved her into town. The next 2 and a half months were filled with the mother telling me i was not allowed to see my daughter. Until something needed paid for, i.e. diapers, formula, i was not allowed to see her. Then she allowed me my visitation, which was usually a week at a time, as she would disappear to only god knows where. when my daughter was close to 3 months old she began to have breathing problems. i instructed and even demanded that the mother take her to the hospital. she wouldnt, and i would simply show up at her place of residence (she was living with a friend of mine) and go upstairs and she would be sleeping at 3 or 4 in the afternoon with a breast out for the child so that she didnt have to get out of bed to care for her. fecal matter would be draining out of the diaper most of the time. I took my daughter to the ER since her mother wouldnt (her mother held medical assistance for her at the time) and she was admitted to the hospital with RSV. I was advised that a week later without treatment, my daughter would have died or suffered brain damage. That same weekend that i took her to the hospital, her mother showed up at the hospital and wanted to take her to her old boyfriends house (the one that kicked them out) and i would not allow it. She was high, it was in the middle of an ice storm, and she had a sixteen year old girl driving her (illegally, as it was 1130pm). all of these reasons on top of the fact that she was in the hospital and i wasnt letting her be removed. the mother got into an accident on the way home and the minor was charge with violating a junior license. somehow the mother of my child escaped child endangerment charges. I called cys to report what had been going on and they investigated and placed my child with me. by this time my child was 3 months old. i had my daughter for 7 months. in this time the mother made no attempt to see the child. she was informed regularly of my phone numbers and all contact info. yet she still made no attempt at visitation. she showed up a few days after my daughters 10 month birthday and wanted to visit. By this time the cys case was closed, as they were satisfied that the child was in my care. she took my daughter and left with her, to the county that she was living in (cys office and police say they cant do anything without a court ordered custody arrangement). she hasnt allowed me any visitation. I've filed for custody and drafted a petition for expedited relief. i have some of her criminal records. i couldnt find them all, because they ended in citations. She has a drug history, a criminal history (including domestic violence), and a history of cys taking her children. she has 3 all together by different fathers. her two oldest are in the custody of thier fathers due to cys finding the mother unfit several times. mine is the youngest and cys in her county says that they cant take my daughter from her because every child is a separate case and they havent found her unfit in that county for this specific child yet.

I'm in need of help. I have documented proof for all of my claims that i will make in court. i have filed all necessary paperwork .. i need a lawyer to represent me and help me through the proceedings. i can't afford one tho and i cannot get one through legal aid, as i made too much money before i went back to college online a few months ago. please help


yes i know this is long, but i felt a thorough explanation was necessary so angry women who don't want their abusive ex husbands to see thier children dont clog the answers with angry rants.

Update 2:

We are both residents in the state of Pennsylvania, she has taken off to another county in which the cys is really inneffective. although they are the same division that took her other 2 children away. the fathers arent much help as i dont know the middle childs father, and the oldest childs father jumped me one night at a convenience store with 4 of his buddies because i was with her at the time

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    I know there are some online forums for fathers going through the same thing, perhaps if you do a search through google for something like that ? You may be able to get some better advice from people who have gone through the same things.

    The legal system is so backwards, so many fathers get f**ked over, its not funny. I'm a female too and saying it!

    I hope you find the help you need!

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    Dude people forget Dads are just as loving and caring caregivers as us women. First too what country are you in?? What country has she gone too? If you are both in different countries try your countries consulates. They should or might be able too offer great advice. Channels, networks or organisations must know people they can put you onto? What about help from your family? Do they know people who know people? What about the dads of the other kids? Do they know people, lawyers or organisations? Any correspondence, phone calls, texts if you can hold any paper trail or evidence off any kind too build a case against her do so. Too back you up and hopefully get your girl back.

    I hope you win your battle. Sorry I wasn't off much help but I was passing by and your question stood out just had too read it.

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    sorry i dont have alot of information bout that however keep on with ur instincts. if u desire ur children again be certain they recognise that and that u desire them no longer simply to get again at ur spouse or whoever

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    wow i dont think anybody will read all of this, not even an attorney your paying...birth control is the best solution for these issues to not get criminal scum pregnet

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    a lawyer's office

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