I want a boyfriend.....?

Ok, I'm 14 years old, I'm almost 15 years old.

I want a boyfriend right now. I have a crush on a lot of boys,

what should I do with them? I'm shy!!

If i have new boyfriend, i dont know what to do with him?

thanks :)

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    I know exactly how you feel. I'm actually in that situation hahah. :D Don't be in such a rush to get one that you go for someone that you know isn't really right for you. For example, if there's a really cute guy at school, but he can be a real asshole sometimes, or extremely immature, don't do it, even if you want a boyfriend so badly. Wait, wait, wait. That is key. Not like, oh get one at 21. But someone will come along. And try talking to them online first, that will strike up the courage to talk to them in real life. Texting too? :)

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    Joining clubs at schools is a great way to meet new people (guys included). You get to know other people and they get to know you and you will be sharing something you all have in common. Sometimes just talking to a guy and letting him get to know you can make him feel differently about you and maybe even crush on you. But really you shouldnt be shy. Be open and adventurous or at least as close to that as possible without losing who you really are. I hope you have some luck!

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    You sound alot like me at that age. i was stuck on getting a boyfriend too.As of now im still only a couple years older then you buht take it from me when i tell you that it probably wont last long.Not because you dont deserve one or relationships juat arent going to be for you but because boys at your age are only concerned with the physical parts of a relationship...not so much as the mental support your probably looking for in a boyfriend.Its only becuase they havent matured enough yet to know what it takes to have a long lasting meaningful relationship.and from experience i say wait....becuase if it doesnt last you dont want to look back and see that your first boyfriend was a waste of time...because thats time you can longer get back

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    hmmmm 15 yrs old huh....

    Its natural to want attention from the opposite sex

    at your age.. Before you decide on a boyfriend,

    Ask yourself if your ready for commitment..

    While its not a serious as marriage a boyfriend

    carries certain commitments to.. Ask many of your

    girlfriends if there happy in there relationships with guys..

    Ask mom to... shes a invaluable source...

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    Be yourself and don't rush it. But if you just can't wait ask one if they like you it's 2008 the things that use to be a no no seems to be ok now days. Good luck.

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    Put the word out thru your GFs who you like and don't like. The word will always get to the one you intended. Then work it from there.

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    if he tries to kiss u punch him.. guys love that... if he grabs you.. pepper spray him.. he'll come begging for more.. if he ask you out kick him in the balls...

    hahaha... dam 14... haha i don't think u have crushes u just have hormones...

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    it is not right age to select a boy friend..

    it wil be infatuation..

    wait till 18

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    1 decade ago

    Don't be rushing, Darling!

    He will soon be coming to you on feathers.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    date them all (secretly) hahaha

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