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what was the funniest thing that happened at your wedding?

At mine, we did the garter toss and my husband flung the garter towards the group of single men and there was this one guy who REALLY wanted to get married and is obsessed with getting married (he hit on every single girl at the wedding). So my husband throws the garter and my friend's bf was reaching out to catch it and this guy comes barrelling through the crowd of men and dive-bombs for the garter, snatching it out of the other guy's hand. And we did that about 45 minutes before the people started leaving the reception, and so 45 minutes later he came to shake our hands and congratulate us and he was STILL clinging to the garter. It had been in his hand the WHOLE time, and it was still in his hand as he shook our hands, and then he went and got himself another drink and he still didn't put the garter down, he was holding it in a death grip as they left.

My MIL works with his mom (and he still lives at home) and she said that he keeps my garter on his nightstand so that he will get married soon.

I thought that was funny. He was basically obsessed with my garter (a little creepy maybe, but he's a nice guy). We were pondering setting him up with my friend who caught the bouquet (since that IS custom, and they are both same age and faith and such and both obsessed with getting married). But I just thought it was funny.

What's your story?


or it could be something that happened at a wedding you were attending as a guest.

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    There was so many funny incidents:

    1) We cut the cake, the photographer told us to look at him for more pictures, then he asked us to feed eachother cake we turned around the waiters took the cake to the other side of the restaurant area and they started cutting it to serve ppl cake LOL that was really funny.

    2) We had a DJ at the wedding, we were all dancing and then BOOM his music thingies went BOOM. First I panicked then the guests started singing we danced on to the sound of their voices.

    3) My husband disappeared just before he took my garter off my leg, he came back in a construction worker uniform It was hilarious.

    and many many more.

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    my sister was my maid of honor. my (ex hsb) was a nervous guy, shy and insecure and stuttered a bit when he was real nervous. so my sis sees this and holds her breath not to giggle (btw..this was being recorded on video) which made it harder for her to hold it, she begins giggling softly and my ex also starts to smile and then giggle.

    and theyre both trying to hold in these annoying sputtering spitting sniffing giggles. of course i was horrified (bad luck...!) and so was the minister who was making a face and got to snapping at them (more bad luck)

    i can laugh about it now, but back then, it wasnt so funny

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    at ours , it as in Russian and we were covered by a black cloth, I couldn't understand or see.

    at an others wedding, This very large woman was dancing with her husband and twirling, she let go and he flew into the wedding cake table

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    Funny thing at my marriage 20 years ago,

    I never read the small print at the church, i never realised it was a legal document!!

    Don`t do it guys!!! you`ll pay for life!!!!

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    I couldn't get his ring on his finger. I was shaking too much.

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