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when I use Java it compacts everything into the top left hand corner?

not very squashed but slightly, this creates a backwards L to appear in the bottom right hand corner, because the images a squashed the icon for buttons also moves and the part where you click doesn't,

this means that to click the buttons you need to click an invisible button slightly diagonal to the button icon.

this really affects online game play (because most online games are written in Java) because all the buttons aren't where they are suppose to be


there are no errors its just that every thing is slightly squashed into the corner

i have tried reinstalling java and stuff and i did nothing

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    Suggest the best thing would be to uninstall all versions of java (check and remove programs) ,reboot and then download the latest java , flash and shockwave for your Operating System.If you are still getting errors then perhaps is your browser setting/firewall (could then try to re-install the browser)

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