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Okay, forget all the current rules of our planet financially.....?

What would be so WRONG with just saying, "To heck with it"! and letting another "Great Depression" occur?

Just let it all go and forget all the "wisdom" of the financial "Fatcats" who take our money all the freakin' time and toss the entire financial world as we know it out the window and into a black hole in space......

Answer aside from your own ego if you have tons of money while the rest of us grovel and grope our way through life these other words, let you mind wander a bit away from all this silliness.....

Would staring all over again and getting it "right" this time be all that bad? As long as the physical security of our nation was protected and the mail was delivered, and the basic infrastructure was kept sound by the taxes being collected as usual?

I'd love to hear our ideas.

I'm serious about this question......

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    Sounds great but you will always have the fat cats. If everyone were to start losing thier jobs, losing their houses, who is going to feed them, house them? Not the fat cats. they have their own lives to live and to heck with the rest of us.

    The mail will be delivered, but how are you going to pay the bills? During the last depression, millions of children were sent on trains to other cities and states where they were hired out as farm hands. Cheap labor. Families were split up and are still lookinf for each other.

    What are the assurances we will get it right this time? How can you collect taxes from a non paying society? Welfare is stretched now as it is, So is social security. People can not afford medical care, so do we just let them die instead of caring for them?

    There are multi billion dollar companies out there now not suffering the way the general population is right now.

    I can remember my dad got hurt when I was a chiild and was unable to work, while his foot he broke healed we were on welfare. Instead of food stamps we got commodities. Each month we got powdered eggs, powdered milk, instant potatoes, canned meat, reminds me of spam. rice, cheese, my dad called it goverment cheese, baisc staples. It was not the greatest food in the world but it got us by. We went out to feilds and picked vegtables, canned green beans at home, tomoatoes, black eyed peas, we ate pinto beans, this was in the 1960's.

    What I do not understand is why people own farms and are being paid by the goverment not to farm. Dairy farms dumping thousands of gallons of milk as they an not make money selling the milk. When did the world start evolving around waisting everything while so many go with out.

    Another thing I do not understand is supposidly there is all this money the goverment must give away in grants each year, but why is it no one can find the stupid money? Or better yet only the rich can access it?

    There are so many things wrong with the world today it is unreal. Where do you start? The big thing everyone shouts about any more is gas and oil prices. Did they really think that they could jump the costs of gas up so much for so long and not see this coming? The cost of getting anything to anyone goes higher and higher each day. food cost increase to cover the cost of fuel. what ever happened to the farms that were in surrounding areas, that let you go out and pick food by the baskets or bushels and you pay the farmer to get to do that?

    Why have communities not opened up communitity gardens to be able to start growing food in each communitity?

    Like you I am sick of this living hand to hand we are caught in today. I am sick of trying to decide whether to keep taking my medication or forgo my medicine to pay other bills. I am tired of staying at home everyday as I can not afford to go anywhere.

    I am sorry got off on a rant, but I really do not know if we would be better off or not to let another depression hit. it seems to me some of us never really made it out of the last depression.

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    Uh - WHAT taxes?

    In a Depression, nobody has any money. Government tax collecting takes a huge hit.

    Without government taxes, infrastructure falls apart because it can't be maintained.

    And you have this $10 Billion a month war to pay for and security for the country doesn't come cheap.

    Plus the general misery of a Depression makes it a thing to avoid at all costs;

    A financial meltdown would ruin any retirement savings built up by the Baby Boomers, so society would be on the hook for their care.

    You'd have millions of houses foreclosed that would sit there, rotting, because nobody could afford to maintain the unsold inventory.

    MASSIVE unemployment - 20% - how are they going to live?

    All in all, a bad idea.

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    yeah I feel you. I get frustrated with trying to get by all the time, just like my whole family does really. While I know that there are rich "fatcats" out there that will stay rich, even through such a depression, at least relatively rich. I wouldn't mind going back to some basic society at times, sort of like the one dreamed of in Fight Club. But ultimately, I think the society will be fine, there is just too much panic in the media. As I understand the "economy" cannot simply crash because of the stock markets. This country is a powerhouse of production worldwide, and we can't forget that. We are still growing in terms of economy every year in fact, we produce more all the time. The only problem is that the rate at which we grow has been receding, hence the term "recession". This doesn't mean that our country is literally shrinking in money or power, but that we simply aren't growing like we think we should. So fantastically speaking, yeah I wouldn't mind some sort of anarchist/agricultural apocalypse in the U.S., but realistically speaking its just business as usual, minus extravagant real estate deals.

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