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Do you think Iran's government is rational or not?

Please explain your answer a little bit.

Thanks for answering!

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    We spoon feed our people what we want them to hear.

    Case in point, during the cold war, the average Soviet was pictured as being fat, lazy and ugly.

    After the cold war died, all of a sudden we got bombarded with photos of beautiful people.

    While the above is a very minor issue, nevertheless, the best thing to do to find answers is go outside of the main stream media. They are owned by only a few mega media giants.

    We do not have honest reporting in this country. I know, I worked in the business of news for a decade. Went in with lofty dreams and left ashamed of what it is.

    To answer your question, yes they are rational. What we have done is classic tabloid journalism, print part of the story, but not the rest of the story. All while we editorialize the news in the process.

    Take a very close look at how we report the news, then realize that most people get their news from the headlines, less then half get it from the first three paragraphs and only a fraction of the people read the whole article. Propagandists know this and use the power of splashing headlines. In another words, tell a half truth often enough and it becomes the whole truth, regardless of the facts.

    We like our news in bite size easy to digest pieces.




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    Well they have done something amazing really in the last few weeks which seems really smart, Signing an agreement with Nigeria on nuclear research. I see this as a way of spreading their research as far away from Israeli bombers as possible really. A rational government surely would do the same if they were seen threats against their own nuclear programme. We may not like it but it shows someone is thinking of continuing the research it also begs the question. What the hell is Nigeria doing making deals when their is supposed to be an embargo on Nuclear research with Iran?

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    No. About as rational as Bush.

    No sane leader would use such provocative words knowing that foreigners would use it against them. He doesn't seem to care what people outside Iran think, or perhaps he doesn't understand the concept of PR.

    I don't think Iran's after nuclear weapons. The US demand isn't valid, but I still believe it would be beneficial for Iran to accept the incentives.

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    Yes, I think it is, though I don't agree with any "need" to eliminate Israel. Otherwise it is rational, especially with its opinion regarding "Nazis Vs. Jews" style propaganda-Iran doesn't deny the Jewish Holocaust, and doesn't deny other WW2 holocausts either.

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    Not. But, their definition of rational is not mine. I think they have some Big Boys behind them. That may influence the attitude.

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