my friend's a compulsive liar, what should i do?

my friend has been lying about having been in a gay relationship with a pornstar. he also lied about dating this one popular scene guy that i knew existed but had never met.

so my other friend sally met him and was like "hey arent you ___'s best friend?"

and the scene guy was like "no"

sally: "but i heard you guys are like best friends and sleepover eachothers houses and hangout all the time?.."

scene guy: "i have NEVER hung out with him b4"

so that was proof that he was lying

and when i confronted my friend he totally denied it and said that they used to be friends but he kinda made up the part about how theyve been dating and hanging out for the past year


i need help

i want to have like an intervention to determine whther my friend needs help or not

or any other ideas?

how do u tell a compulsive liar that he is one without losing him as a friend?

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    i know someone like this. he makes up outrageous lies but i just sort of go along with it in a joking way. sometimes i do get really annoyed, though, and now i kind of just ignore him. i guess if you don't want to lose a friendship, you really need to confront him.

  • 1 decade ago

    I kind of wouldn't recommend you and your friends confronting him together. it could sort of make him feel like he's being attacked. try each of you speaking to him one on one. it doesn't need to be a serious talk, where you both sit down and face each other and you express how you feel. try going out for ice cream or something, and casually bring up something he's said recently that you know isn't true. i'm sure if you ask him questions and details about it, he'll have no choice but to admit that it's false. then you can ask what makes him make up stories, why he feels the need to do this, etc. once you have a better understanding of him and why he does this, it's easier for you to help him out. plus, it's like a wake up call for him and he'll realize what he's doing is pretty silly. try it, it might work:)

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    There really is no easy way to tell your friend he has a problem because he is obviously in denial. It sounds to me he is very lonely and makes up stories so he can live in his fantasy world. Talk to your friend and tell him how you feel. Just do not be surprised if he gets defensive in the process.

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    1 decade ago

    Most people deep down know their problems. The answer is simple, get a new friend. When he's ready to change then he will do so.

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  • 1 decade ago

    tell him that its a bad habit, and that lies lead to karma. these lies are usually told just to A: be able to impress and feel good about one's self or B: hide a lie behind another lie. tell him that all the lies are gonna pile up, and nothing remains a secret. in one way or another they are always revealed, either by experiences, people, or conscience. tell him that you are a good friend of his and he knows that. as a friend, you want him to stop being want because he makes himself and his reputation look bad. and people are gonna find it hard to socialize and trust him. good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my classmate have in common, she always said that she will give me a silver glass slippers, but didn't, tell him to stop making lies, because lies can make someone avoid you for being such a liar, good luck!!!

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