Heavy heart need advice my young friend is acting reckless?

Back in 2005 I met a young girl at work, she was 19 and I was 21.

at the time we weren't in school but planned to return to become nurses.

She is a very smart girl and gave me a lot of advice, I my self was in an abusive relationship and even had experimented with drugs.

she was very supported as time when by. I left the abusive relationship but some how remain friends with my ex.

we began attending school, we have kept in contact over the phone since she changed jobs and lives in the south of the city and i live in the north part of the city and are very busy.

I havent seen her in over a year but I just found out some horrible news.

She has turned into a club head and not only that is going home with strange guys and heavy into drugs. BUT she doesnt know I know about the drugs.

Twist of fate she ended up at my ex's home whom she later recognize, but it was too late because his friend had already gave him the low down on her, she was drunk and doing cocaine.

last thing I heard she is scared of me knowing

I want to help her I dont wanna see her fall i need advice please help.

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    1 decade ago
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    There are things in life that made a person changed. This is the 1st thing you need to know & understand why she changed. Once you got the story then you can make your move how you can help her. Which in a situation now will be very hard. Your friend loves you because she's scared you knowing she ended with your ex home, this is something you can hold on & proceed helping her. You need more patient & understanding. Good luck

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