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I've been rejected by two men, should I join the army now?



Thanks for the support people.


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    forget about them.... haha thats not a reason to join the army lol cheer up :D

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    Um I don't think that's a good solution. If you really want to go join the army then more power to ya but don't do it over getting rejected. You could be making a big mistake. Going to or back to School and focusing on betterting yourself is a safer option. The Army is serious and isn't a place to get over a guy (s). It also isn't a place to meet guys either considering most are either married or in a relationship and you don't want to be the other woman

  • Jordan
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    Guess it depends on your age if your 30+ I would suggest you join the army because you are older, but if your 18+ you got time so who cares that you got rejected by two guys their will be more.

  • Ontou
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    1 decade ago

    I've been rejected..looking back it was a blessing! Dont join the army for that reason.

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    If your using the army as a means of self-reform or punishment, hell no. If you really want a career in the army and can see yourself making something of it, shoot for it.

    Don't let two guys get you down though, there is plenty of fish in the sea :)

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    I don't understand how these two topics relate to each other.

    Do you want to join the Army??? If you do then go for it!

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    What the…Did I miss something in that subject, you just did a 180 in one sentence, and to think I have been accused of multiple personality disorder.

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  • Anonymous
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    It was two dudes now if you reach 50 then you need to get yourself some Camo and enlist

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    Guys like the chase so if you are agressive, they become insecure and run . . . best relationships happen when you meet someone where you would least expect it because you are yourself and the setting is not contrived . . . trust me, just do more things and you'll meet someone.

    Good luck!

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    No.... I suggest you join the air force

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