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does my mother seem unsupportive?

well, i am a singer & i have been practicing the songs i will be performing for the forest festival in our town for the past few months. I always practice them with my microphone & my amp & music about atleast an hour a day. When i couldn't figure out which song to sing between these 3 i like a lot my mother said she called & got me into the competition to sing & that's all she was going to do about it. She acted like she really wanted me to perform in it but every time i ask her if she wants to hear my songs, she goes no i always heard them downstairs, & so i ask her if they were good & she just goes well they were loud...

is it me or does my mother seem like she is either jealous of me, which is very wrong & twisted on many levels, or does it seem like she just refuses to praise & support me?


- **** all of you miserable human beings who have said "maybe you sound like crap" i have been singing my whole life & i've recorded in studios & tons of events. so be mature. k thanks

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    Either way it sucks to be answered that way by her. If you were my child I would listen (and enjoy) the minute you asked me. My daughter just joined choir for the first time this year (first time she had it offered in school) and I have to beg her to let me hear her songs, she is very shy and will hopefully break free from that soon. I would try not to put too much thought into your moms answers simply because it will only make you feel bad. Just keep singing and the world will hear you and love you!

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    Sounds like she wants you to go for it but she needs a bit of a break from the noise - it may be that even though she supports your ambition, she can't wait till it's over and she can get some peace and quiet again...

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    Your mum might think you are a good singer, but... If she says it's really good, you might be too proud of yourself. You might think you're a really good singer as your mum says you are, but if other people says you don't sing that good, you get too miserable.

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    I dont know, but it doesnt really matter either way

    if making music is something you love, go for it, screw the rest.

    If people choose not to support you its their own fault.

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    sometimes parents have a weird way of encouragement.

    my parents always supported me, but they rarely praised me.

    maybe she just doesn't like your style of music...

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    She hears you sing....maybe you are no good at it.

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    Look, mums can be like that. Give her sometime :)

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    maybe she thinks you sound crap?

    haha u sound full of yourself, she's not jealous of you, she's sick os u.

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    ..... this is exactly what "taylorswiftclone" just posted 2 minutes ago.

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