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Unbearable leg pain at 36 weeks?

I am 36 weeks and at night i have the worst leg pain, it only happens if i sleep on my side (either), and putting a pillow in between dosent help. It goes away if i lay on my back though. Weird?

Anybody else having anything like this? If so what have you found helps?

Im losing alot of sleep and dont get much as it is having a 10 month old to run around after all day from 6am.

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    i know exactly what your going through! what i did was steal all my boyfriends pillows and sleep sitting halfway up. it sounds uncomfortable but it actually allows u to get at least 20 mins of sleep. also you can try to buy one of those pregnancy pillows they kinda help. doing small leg streches before you hit the sack.

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    i had that with my first.. it was almost like i was getting contractions in my legs.. it was real bad i used to wake up put the pillow over my face and scream the pain off..

    i don't know what yours is like but mine went away after the baby.

    i occasionally get it with this pregnancy too but not as bad as the first..

    good luck


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    i have too . i make my self get up and walk up and down the hall way. they get so painful where you will want to cry.

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