How do i get an x-boyfriend out? His name is not on the 5 yr. lease that i signed?

When my boyfriend and i broke up he refused to leave. Because due to my health issues i am not to be put under any stress i decided to leave for the time being. When i left i gave the landlord a paper that stated that i had no intention of abandoning the property or lease. How do I get him out?Legally!

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    If you are still living in the place, just call the police and have them haul his sorry *** away.

    It is called trespassing.

    If you have moved out and left him there then you might want to consider making up for a couple of weeks so you can get moved back in, then do the above.

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    He's not on the lease, so he has no legal right to occupy the property.

    Lyzz is right on: Remove his possessions when he is not there.

    As you're renting, you will have to get your landlord's permission to change the locks. If it's an apartment, they'll probably do it for you. If you have an independent landlord, you can change it yourself (aka hire a locksmith) as long as you provide a copy of the key to your landlord. Schedule this in advance so you know that you can have new locks immediately.

    This may sound cold/harsh, but do not give him advance notice. If you do, he will probably beg for an extra month to line up housing. He might cause damages to the property that you will be held responsible for.

    I'd do this as quickly as possible... he might have already caused damages and he may not be paying any bills that are in your name.

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    If he's paying rent and utilities then you cannot involve the police in the eviction as they won't help you, you will need to go to court to legally get him out thru the eviction process. However, if he has stopped paying any monies to live there then you can call the police and have him removed.

    I'm surprised that the landlord hasn't evicted you for subleasing your apartment without prior written consent of the LL.

    Source(s): 16 years in property mgmt
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    It all depends on the state you live in. Each state has it's own laws. You can do a Yahoo search on the laws for your state.

    Personally, what I suggest, if you have friends or family that can help you out with this, wait for the dude to leave the apartment, take out all his belongings,set them on the curb and get the locks changed on the apartment. Since you are in ill-health, have someone stay with you for a couple of days and if the dude gives you trouble, call the cops on him. He has no rights to the apartment if his things aren't in there.

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    You need to involve the police or sheriff or local law enforcement. He has no claim to stay there if he isn't on the lease. He was a guest in your house. He is refusing to leave probably because he knows he can manipulate you and he wants to flop for free. Get the authorities in there to supervise his move OUT.

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    Call the police and have him removed. Assuming you do not have children together they will have no problem forcing him to leave. Then take out a restraining order so he can not come back without being hauled off to jail.

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    Seek legal advice, the police may not be keen on helping with the eviction - you could use bailiffs.

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    Give him notice and evict him. You are his landlord.

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