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how many shots od jonnie walker scotch do i neeed to get drunk?

scotch/whisky do i need to get buzzed or drunk, and should i take one, wait then take the next, OR all at once?

this is my 2nd time, but i only had like 2-3 beers my first.

ok well any comments will help

i had 3 in the last hour and a, i feel slightly buzzed, when i when i turn m head , I'm 16, but my friend (14 is kindaa buzzed already) iiidk and yeahhh it burns like helllLLLL

oh and is it bad if we eat like cake in between lol?

i know this is the wrong category, but i didn't get many responses in the other one


i has 7 ,,,im somewha dizzy... ig uess/

thanks anyway

your a losrtt

i'm jsus *****/ l9o k anyway thanx bayeee

im buzzed, i vasn't wa;k appearanltyyy

Update 2:

oops sopryy about the typos

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    When I used to drink back when I was 14-15 It took me about 5 shots to get buzzed and like 10 to get drunk..

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