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Are these split ends I just cut off my head? What can I do? What's the diff btwn the 2 types? I'm black.?


These are from my head. I'm a young black woman. My hair is dry and falling out, and I want to know what to do.

Update 2:

This is after being permed twice two weeks w/in each other. My hair still didn't straighten.

Update 3:

These ARE from my head!

Update 4:

Why won't a super perm straighten my hair?

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    Girl all I have to say is your hair isnt strong enough to hold any kinda dye, or perm. If your hair is just falling out like that, then you need to see a docter. There could be something wrong.

    Strong suggestion, dont do anything to your hair anymore, try to get products that tuffen your hair.

    You also shouldent perm or dye your hair so close to each other. The heat exposure causes your hair to slowly dye, and become brittle after a while

    need any other advice, I am more then happy to help

    good luck

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    I can't tell if it's split ends.

    They look really dry though.

    You might need to lay off the hair dyer and irons.

    You would also need to use a strong shampoo and conditioner to repair it.

    a split end is where one strand of hair splits on the tip.

    If you have them, no need to worry.

    Just trim off the tips and keep your hair a little healthier.

    Edit: Try reading about this it on this webiste.

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