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Does anyone have a good Guitar practice schedule/guide?

Okay, I've been playing for a little over two months and have learned the obvious Black Sabbath and Deep Purple songs everyone seems to learn the moment they pick up a guitar... I've also learned a couple Megadeth and Metallica

Anyway basically just memorizing tabs is boring and it gets repetitive... I want to see my skills grow; like speed, pick control, finger control/chord changes, etc...

I just want a practice schedule to go over 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours a day or so... Does anyone have any good exercises or warm ups they use?

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    this is a great free site, try to learn some theory, scales, and different styles of music, even if all you ever want to play is metal, different styles will help.

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    Learn how to play the guitar from your own house with the Jamorama online course for guitar you will believe it is here

    One of the fascinating and valuable presenting you will discover in the Jamorama course may be the "Jam Tracks ".As you have the classes, they offer you sheet music to a tune, and then 2 audio songs to go along with the song.

    The very first sound track may have the guitar part inside it (so you are able to hear how it's designed to sound), and another sound track has got the tune with the guitar eliminated (so you can play with yourself!)

    They coordinate the Jam Songs in a very easy to understand manner.

    Jam Tracks is just one of the numerous points from Jamorama that will make learning the guitar easy even for the beginners (especially if you don't have a guitar teacher there to assist you when you make mistakes).

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    Unfortunately, Yahoo's not really a great place for tabs, so I'll have to keep the tabs brief (yahoo cuts off sections of tab if they're too long).

    I just learned this one a couple hours ago from a Nile vid and I like it:


    --12--14--15--------15--14--12--14--15 etc

    Using alternate picking. Down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, etc You can use any 2 strings and start on any fret, it doesn't really matter.

    Here's another one I like:



    If you'll notice there, it's doing index(1), middle(2), pinky(4)...index(1), ring(3), pinky(4), and then just up chromatically...then back down, notes descending (15--14--12, etc). You can do that one alternate picking or using hammer ons/pulls offs (or one, then the other). If you think doing tabs are boring and repetitive, I used to do this one like 30-45mins/day...boring, but it really helped my alternate picking.

    Here's a good one from Michael Angelo Batio:

    Youtube thumbnail

    - it's a condensed variation of the exercise in his Speed Kills 2 DVD. In the DVD, he does each finger grouping starting at fret 1, then goes up to fret 12, then back down. Like he'll do the index/middle at the 1st fret across all 6 strings, then the 2nd fret, 3rd fret, etc. The ones involving the pinky are brutal, especially index/pinky. Great legato workout, though. Highly recommended.

    Then one from a John Petrucci book, if I can recall without a guitar in my hands, it's something like:



    Then from there, you can either go up a step chromatically (2--3--4--5) or start it on the A string



    A finger independence exercise from the same book (play these like chords):





    A single string, alternate picking exercise with the Diminished scale:

    16-15-13-15-13-12-etc. then back up.

    If you'll notice, it's going pinky, ring, index, pinky, middle, index, kinda like the second one, but all on one string. Here's the diminished scale for reference:

    I love that diminished scale. There's all kinds of exercises you can come up with with that one.

    You might want to do some tremolo picking (once again, with the diminished scale):

    0-6-7-0-6-9-0-7-9-0-7-10. etc. I like to throw in open strings because the sudden and large change in string slackness makes it more challenging.

    Then maybe use two strings (diminished scale again):



    When you get that down, maybe throw in some string skipping...just do octaves. Or you can try your hand at "I Am The Black Wizards" by Emperor.

    And finally, go to youtube and search:

    paul gilbert lesson

    Tons of stuff there.

    Remember to start slow and keep it clean. If it's sloppy, slow it down to a tempo where you can play it cleanly. The speed will come in time.

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