Who Am I?(History Trivia)?

Hello, I am a famous bridge from history. I was built by a consul in Antiquity and repaired by a monk during the Middle Ages. I was also the site of a very famous battle! http://i37.tinypic.com/16jq24y.jpg

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    It's the Milvian Bridge.

    edit: I don't think she wanted somebody to google it, I think she wanted somebody to honestly answer it. Anyone could have googled it.

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  • Quoi
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    It is the Ponte Milvio, a bridge over the Tiber river.

    The bridge was built by consul Gaius Claudius Nero in 206 BC, after he had defeated the Carthaginan army in the Battle of the Metaurus. In 115 BC, consul Marcus Aemilius Scaurus built a new bridge made of stone in the same position, demolishing the old one.

    During the Middle Ages, the bridge was renovated by a monk named Acuzio

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    The London Bridge?

  • Anonymous
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    Bristol Bridge, where William Wallace of "Braveheart" fame defeated the forces of Edward Longshanks.

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    Winnie The Pooh.

    im sorry i dont know. this is freakin hard, im gonna go and hit google now.


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