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how do you change the interests text color on myspace?

i've been trying to hide only the text on the interests table that says stuff like 'movies, books, heroes, etc' but every code i get, it just cuts off the blue bars. i want the TEXT to go away, but not the blue bars.

heres an example i've seen

if you could give me the code, that'd be really helpful. thanks!


please don't offer me one of those do it yourself sites, cause i'm not a technical person for that stuff hahahah


i do not want the blue bars to be cut off though.

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    Try this code .


    Hope i helped .


    .katamari Section Manager

    { }

    table.interestsAndDetails span.lightbluetext8 {display:none;}

    .interestsAndDetails td {width:0px;}


    Go here to hide other stuff in yer interest section .

    Dont worry its really simple !

  • 4 years ago

    you may desire to seek the internet for MYSPACE PROFILE EDITORS. you will % colour, backround etc. then they are going to make a HTML code to your replica and paste it on your profile HTML editor.

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