1969 mustang 289v8, I need buying tips...?

Im planning of buying a 1969 ford mustang 289v8. Its my 1st buy and I don't want to get a bad deal. Can somebody help me with buying tips? Thank you

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    Take your time and look over everything. Check out the engine completely, the transmission, Look for heavy leaks. Check out the look of the tires, the condition of the seats, the look of the floor, the condition of the carpet/Mats, the electrical, take a look in the trunk for a complete spare tire, jack, and tire iron. look under the trunk mat for rust. check out the seals on the doors, trunk, and hood. look at the radiator for leaks, check the operation of turn signals, wipers, horn, lights. check brake for feel. in other words look at everything you can to make sure it's in at lest working condition. remember it's a 69 so it will be old. however, it should not look abused or neglected (unless your looking for a project to restore) when you have it out on a drive listen for rattles, knocks, pings, any strange noise that would not be normal. if the owner is willing, take it to a shop and have them also give it a once over. Hope this is what you where looking for and good luck on your purchase.

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    The first thing that stands out is you say it is a 289 car. That would be a replacement engine as they stopped production of the 289 in 1968. Some of the Mustangs produced in early 1968 had them, later cars had the 302. These cars were prone to rust issues in the floor pans, frame rails, lower quarter panels and other areas. I suggest taking someone who knows where to look along when you preview it. If you don't have a friend who can help, look up a local Mustang club. I am sure a member would be willing to assist you. They can also help establish a value for the particular car. Good luck.

    Source(s): Over 40 years repairing and restoring cars.
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