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how come my gf thinks that i will hit her?

when me and my gf get in arguments she tells me not to hit her, but I would never do that, and i have never shown her any signs that i was violent, nor am i verbally abusive, and i haven't been in any fights. but she thinks i would hit her and i dont know y

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    Maybe she had an abusive father, or other boyfriend. When fighting with someone, and it gets intense it can be scarey, Just assure her you wouldn't touch her to hurt her, And that no matter how mad you get you wouldn't do that. Soon, she'll be able to trust that.

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    Maybe she has been abused by men from past relationships or by someone in in her family. She may just be scared that she will be a victim again. It's not the only possibility though. You need to ask her why she says it, and maybe if you talk about it directly she won't be fearful of it actually happening. Don't take her assuming that you'll hit her personally, although it may be difficult. She might just think that whenever she gets in an argument it could lead to her being physically abused.

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    Maybe that is her previous experience? She may have had a boyfriend that would get angry and hit her when they argued. Or she may even have that reaction from her parents, if she had an angry and aggressive father who would hit her or her mother. Or do you have an aggressive side that she has seen come out against others but not her? Be patient with her. When she starts to trust you she will learn that not all arguments end that way and she will move past it.

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    maybe her old boyfriend used to hit her,

    dad or uncle or whatever.

    She has been abused!

    or maybe you look like some hulking gorilla that could easily beat her to a pulp.

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    Maybe in one of her past relationships she got hit during arguements and is now afraid you'll do it.

    just re-assure her that you'll never do anything to harm her physically or emotionally. , or say something like that :]


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    maybe she has had some experience in the past that has made her feel this way. you should talk to her and tell her that you would never hurt her and that you love her

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    Maybe you are scary when you're yelling at her. Or perhaps she was in a relationship where she was hit.

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