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What's a cheap and easy way to travel to Washington State if you live in California? ?

I want to go visit someone in Granite Falls Washington and I live in Bakersfield California. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions on how I can do this? I don't care about comfort or anything just want it cheap as possible.

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    I know this is an aircraft category... but a thing I have done is to visit bulletin boards on college campus. People used to post if they want a ride, or need riders to share gas.

    I suppose you know about Greyhound. I think it is cheaper but less fun than Amtrack.

    Most people won't hitchhike these days, I wouldn't suggest that.

    People sometimes used to hang around general aviation areas at airports and ask for rides, but post 911, I doubt this would work out. Probably a law. <sigh>

    Depending on your needs consider renting a small car. Shop around, rates vary considerably. I don't know your situation but I used to have a small camper shell and I would sleep in that. A small van rental might save the cost of a hotel, and could tend to save some money.

    If you have some savings you might be able to buy a small car and re-sell it when you get home. You might even make money on it.

    From time-to-time when I was younger I would deliver cars out-of-state. One trip to WA, maybe two. They pay some, I think enough for most expenses. If you are a great reliable person you might bargain for more than their first offer. Not sure how to find these opportunities now. Visit a large car dealership and talk to someone there. Maybe Google, who knows? I don't know of any large auction sites around Bakersfield, but those places might have somebody wanting help. Some large car auctions in LA area, Aniheim I think. Maybe hold a sign up out front on public property. Ask the auction guys too.

    Maybe follow eBay car auctions. I am not sure as I sit here if you can get the location info on BOTH buyer and seller, but you might be able to email an offer to deliver for expense money. Maybe you could eat good on the trip! Save them a lot over the cost of semi-truck delivery. Plus they would need to bail you out if the car broke. Maybe put low bids on vehicles with the account name 'Safe-cheap-car-courier-delivery'. Might work. Probably eBay would squelch that if they saw it.

    Contact people who are moving and need another driver, if you can find out somehow. Maybe 'sold signs' in your area?

    I know there are lots of businesses who send trucks on fixed routes everyday, or two days. Regular-like. Maybe ask a truck driver if he thinks he or another driver would be interested in helping. Kinda iffy but who knows?

    I used to help unload commercial moving vans. I never traveled with them but maybe they would give you a ride instead of pay.

    Not sure how you would get home, but somebody paying 1/2 the travel bill has to help. Maybe you could make the same arrangement for the return trip. I am very interested if you could advertise on ebay or Craigslist and get connected, but I will leave that exercise for you. If this works out for you, please email me later about it! I am curious.


    Source(s): Been there, done that. Plus I know people who buy pickups for their fleet, so I know about the cost of delivery somewhat.
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    Greyhound is $144 from Bakersfield to Everett. Sorry I couldn't find info about Granite Falls.

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    Look within the LA Times for humans who wish to percentage a journey and inform them you can do the entire using in the event that they pay for the gasoline. This manner they may be able to calm down and you'll be able to lower your expenses. The subsequent step is the bus, however I love to take the coach for the coastal view. Whatever you do do not hitch hike on the grounds that that defiantly is detrimental now days.

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    Go to google and type in cheap airplanes and go to the first one

    please vote me best answer and save 50 for each day you want to go for a hotel

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    Buy a bunch of helium balloons and a lawn chair and wait for the right winds.

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