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my husband and I are going to Seoul for 5 days, can anyone introduce where is a good place to go?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As I don't know where you will stay in Seoul, I dun give you a plan for 5 days trip. Just list out some places where you should visit for your reference.

    Place to Relax

    1 Korean Spa

    明洞天然地汗蒸幕 明洞站9號出口,24 hours,Package around W82000

    2 Lotte World

    3 亂打劇場

    Place to Shop n Dine

    1 新村, 梨大, 弘大一帶

    2 黎泰院

    3. 仁寺洞 ( 一定要去傳統茶院)

    4. Coex Mall (裡面有個kimchi博物館)

    5. 狎鷗亭洞 (其實就係香港既中環. 東西較貴價! nice club)

    6. 新川 (Shops n nice nice pub n clubs)

    7. 東大門 (平貨總匯)

    8. 明洞

    Sight seeing

    1. Seoul Tower

    2. 景福宮

    3. 市政廳

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