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to be relatedd to

to prepare (sb) for (st)

to be good at

to be based on

to point to

to think of

to look (st) up

to take in

to make an effort

to be interested in


contrary to

to have....effect on



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    1. The traffic jam is related to the Liberty Parade today.

    2. He has been preparing himself for the entrance exam.

    3. My father is good at diving.

    4. This drama is based on a true story.

    5. It is considered rude to point to others with the point finger.

    6. I think of my family a lot while studying abroad.

    7. I look it up in the dictionary to check if it is correct.

    8. This famous day care center takes in several new kids everyday.

    9. You should have made an effort to accomplish your duty.

    10. I'm interested in watching horror movies.

    11. The manager transferred three employee from Taipei to Keelung.

    12. My taste is contrary to yours.

    13. Working too much can have an negative effect on your body.

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    11. employee →改成employees 才是對的

    13. an →改成a 才是對的


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