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幫忙翻譯 感謝感謝 中翻英




4.研究結果指出,一些像散步.游泳以及打球這一類的運動,能夠很有效的提升癌症患者的生活品質. 經常運動可以提升免疫系統,加強血液循環,並讓病患更有精神.

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    1. A group of Chinese hackers disguise the use of legitimate websites, Internet access to deceive the people entering their personal data in order to defraud more than 1,000 Taiwan dollars

    2. For security purposes, people using Internet banking or shopping online to guard against more

    3. Heavy fog caused by Taoyuan International Airport departure and arrival of flights were delayed, affecting a week during the Lunar New Year holiday traffic

    4. The study concluded that, like some of the walk. Swimming, and playing this type of campaign can be effective to upgrade the quality of life of cancer patients. Regular exercise can enhance the immune system, strengthen blood circulation and allow more patients spirit.

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