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Was on the Depo Shot once now on Birth Control & would like to have a baby eventually?

was put on the shot back in May until Aug 7 was when I had to go back for another shot but I decided not to because I had really horrible cramps & depression started to hit in really bad. Than on Sept 19 I went to the doctors and she put me back on Birth Control pills to get my cycle back on track , She told me that Sunday to start my birth control pills. I was wondering if this will help me get back on track & I could go off of the birth control after i get my first period & be able to start having kids .


also, i was given a pregnancy test by my doctor and it came out negative. but everytime i eat i feel sick to my stomach I think it's from starting my birth control or could it be for other reasons?

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    might take months to a year but it can happen wish you luck!

    It took me almost a year after removing my Mirena

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    I have PCOS which prevents ovulation. The Depo shot also suppresses ovulation. I was on the pill for 6 months, had 1 period and fell pregnant the next cycle.

    But I would say you should maybe be on the pill for 3 months before trying to fall pregnant. It's very seldom that a woman's body adjusts after just one month. Remember, when on the pill you need to have a period and then the active pills force your body into the next cycle. I would do this at least 3 times.

    Good luck!

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    I would wait till your second period on birth control to see if they come at the exact same time so you know your new cycle and you can determine when you ovulate then you should be able to start trying.

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    it usually takes about 8 months to get pregnant. when I stopped taking my birth control I got pregnant about 6 months later. some woman take longer and some shorter. it really all depends on you and your body. every woman is different.

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