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Did you hold your breath when Boldin got knocked out.?

I hope someone plows that cheap Eric Smith cheap shot and helmet to helmet. He should be fined a million for it.


For how underpaid he is on the Cardinals he sure is playing hard for them and why not talk trash when you back it up. Is he suppose to be silent while defensive backs are jawing at him

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    I'm not a Cardinals fan. I just happened to see that hit because I flipped over to that game during a commercial.

    I just kind of sat there in silence with my fiance. No matter who your favorite team is, most fans don't want to see any player get hurt. At the end of the day, football is a game played by persons who are there to entertain fans, persons who have day-to-day lives, families, etc. When I see a player suffer what could be a serious injury, I have to hope for the best with them.

    I honestly wouldn't call the hit a "cheap shot." Boldin was knocked into Smith. I wouldn't be surprised if he is fined for it, I also won't be surprised if he is not fined for it. It was unintentional and the league ultimately may acknowledge that it was a freak play.

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    I don't know if smith will get fined for the hit or not but i don't think this was some ugly cheap hit or anything.

    Also,on the side,boldin is the other half of the cardinals twin receiver tandem so if your a cards fan you probably where more worried about this than anyone else.

    On a positive note though i suppose for cards fans,boldin is completely fine and was mearly knocked unconscious on the field on that hit but was lucid when being carted off actually and wanted to get up out the stretcher but was not allowed too

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    I'm a Jets fan and I don't mean to Biased or anything, but No I didn't feel any sympathy toward Anquan Boldin. If it was any other player in the League then I would have been worried, but Boldin is the biggest trashtalker in the league. According to many CB's in the league, Anquan talks so much mess on the field. And he's also a pain in the butt to the Cardinals organization too (the offseason contract issue). I'm not saying Boldin deserved the hit, but he prolly instigated it by talking crap all day long.

    And Eric Smith shouldn't be fined $1 Million for the hit, I've seen worse like the hit Troy Polamalu made on the Kickreturner when he played for USC.

    Dude since when were you a Big Anquan Bolidn fan?? Boldin makes guys like T.O. and Ocho Cinco look like Angels. All I'm saying is that Boldin has been a potty mouth since his days at Florida St. and I think its Karma.

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    im not even a cardinals fan but watching that just made me sit there in silence until it was over

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    yea not a cards fan either but, he's not getting paid enough and he doesnt hold out or not report, he just plays. When i saw him drop and not move i was shocked.

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