Refusing to give this girl's brother a deadly treatment, now everyone hates me?

I'm a child prodigy/scientist who's currently attending a very prestigious private university located in an isolated island in the middle of the pacific. I'm currently researching new medicine techniques in the school's laboratory, specifically gene therapy. Well there this hot, popular girl at school whom every guy drools over and adores. If she's sad, everyone's sad, if she's happy, everyone's happy. If she hates someone, that person because becomes public enemy #1 and if she likes someone, all the guys stare at the person in envy. Of course I couldn't care less of what the conformist society of my school thinks of each other.

So one day her older brother, who also attends this university and is absolutely beloved by all the girls at school just as his sister is, went into respiratory and cardiac arrest due to a very rare genetic disease that can only activate if two parents have the gene for the disease. The entire school is crying over it and the word gets out that he will die in two months. Well the disease was too rare to catch so no one even bothers to find a solution and every scientist she tries to contact will refuse to waste their time on such a rare disease. So the girl comes up to me and ask if I can do anything to find a cure seeing as how I am working on gene therapy. I was having a god complex at the time and told her that my time is too precious to research such an insignificant disease for one insignificant person and the next day, the entire school was waiting outside ready to hang me unless I tried to find a cure.

Most of the kids at school either got in here because their parents are big shot money makers or if the kid is a child prodigy. In her case, its the former so her parents hired some scientists for me to boss around and eventually we found a way to alter an incredibly deadly virus to carry a specific gene in order to repair the dysfunctional gene in her brother's DNA. We experimented with some animals, but received no positive results. Many of the animals died because the virus was so deadly, and I would have used a different virus if this one didn't do its job so incredibly well, bypassing the immune system, surviving to the point that it can get into the cell, ease of altering the genetic sequence once inside the cell, etc.

So her brother will die in three weeks and request that I use the gene therapy on her brother which I refused because it can kill him. "Its not that I care about the life of other people, let alone their feelings. If that were the case I would immediately apply the gene therapy not caring for whether he lived or died as long as you get out of my face" I told her, "but my reputation as a scientist will be ruined and I will never be able to get a career as a scientist in the future."

She ran off crying and now the entire school wants me dead. One day its a swirly in the boy's restroom, and the next, its getting jumped by the football team. I DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THIS FROM A GROUP OF INFERIOR SUB-HUMAN SCUM! But I have no choice because being in this school means an getting whatever job I want once I graduate. So should I just give her brother the treatment or should I just take the sub-humans' crap for the next 3 years?

BTW, the school and the island is not run by any country and is a separate state due to a decision by the UN and its sole purpose is to run a prestigious university to educate gifted people, or rich, from all over the world. So there is no FDA or medical laws or laws for prescribing medicine or anything like that.

And no this is not made up!!!!!!!!

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    Well, I must say first that this is a far-fetched story...but I am willing to give my opinion because I don't think you would waste your time coming up with an elaborate story as such, just to get your giggles.

    I think you have that right not to treat him because it could ruin your career if something goes wrong. I don't think she understands the consequences. She is only looking out for her best interest and not that of yours or even her brothers. She placed a lot of pressure on you which is not fair on your part. This school can't be that sophisticated if they base their every action off this girl as if they are being hypnotized. If you ask me, sounds like a high school, but I digress...

    If you are truly a scientist, then why not do the proper testing on the boy, maybe get some of his blood and see how your studies could possibly save him. I know you are pressed for time, but what may seem like a rare disease now, could eventually grow into an epidemic. People probably thought the same thing about cancer and look at it now. Everyone knows some one who went through cancer. Finding a cure to this rare disease could help future people. Don't let the word rare fool you. It can only be rare for a certain amount of time until this gene becomes more prominent in many others.

    I would at least try, because you never know, you might be able to same him, but you will save the many people after him. I think you can do it, scientists go through difficulties and triumphs. If you know for 100% fact that it WILL kill him then explain that to her and don't do it. If you are not sure, then think about it. Time is a virtue but this is life and your not God so all you can do is try.

    Source(s): Can you tell me what school it is??? IM me or send me an E-mail. I really would like to know.
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    you sound extremely smart. I one day I hope to see just a picture of that school haha. i don't know how the whole thing works with the gene therapy and what not, but why don't you tell the scientist you boss around how to do the whole procedure. Then go to the parents and tell them that the scientist guy knows how and say you have nothing to do with the outcome and make sure they know how high risk the whole thing is. But i would make sure they completely understand that you don't completely believe in your own work and that you refuse to have any thing to do with it. but i mean either way you should help the guy out whether or not people at school or giving you crap. You also are a flipping genius so getting jobs shouldn't be at the top of the worry list haha. anyways if he does survive your going to be the next "cool kid" (don't know if you care about that type of thing) and you will have been the first person in the world to save someone from that disease. THINK OF THE CUP HALF FULL!!! NOT HALF EMPTY!!! :D and also i would love to see a picture of that school.. haha

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    Come on people - this is OBVIOUSLY a fake.

    First - the language is not what an adult/scientist would use [boy's restroom, football team, etc..)

    Second - seriously - the university has ONE popular girl and everyone knows her? Even the scientists. Must be a very small school

    Third - the science in this story is false - it can take YEARS if ever to be able to alter a gene - starting from scratch.

    Fourth - most recessive genetic diseases are expressed in infancy and childhood; they don't magically "turn on" in adulthood [some of the dominant ones maybe but not many]

    This is obviously either a troll or a teenager writing a "story"

    Source(s): I am a nurse practitioner
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    Oh my dear God Socrates... I actually see where your head is at!!! What a large responsiblity, for a college student. How can the other students be so blind. The only thing racing through their heads now is a drop of HOPE to save this guys life. I really think you need to hold some kind of meeting in the auditorium, to stand your ground! This nonsence of giving the guy a "deadly virus" gene therapy..just is not getting across to them. If you don't believe in this "treatment".. don't do it because you are feeling pressured! Stand up for what you believe in as a Scientist and as a Student.

    Another thing is; either you or the school should contact the guys parents and tell them the "gene therapy" testing was a 'no go', and giving it to their son would kill him quicker, and that you would not want that kind of responsiblity resting on your shoulders. Furthermore; where is it written or stamped on this guy, that he will in fact die in 3 weeks?

    My thoughts will remain with you. I hope and pray you do the right a matter of fact.. I know you will. I know you are a very intelligent young man and you have high hopes for your future.. but personally, I don't think you can save this guys life.. and you need to address that... and LOUDLY.

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    Is it like a medicine or an operation? If it's medicine leave it somewhere and tell the chick you want nothing to do with it and if she wants it it's wherever and she should break in and take it. If it's an operation well.. Is the guy definitely going to die anyway? Maybe you could find someone else who was willing to give the operation? Or do it and keep it a secret.. It's your life and you can do what you like with it, saving someones life would be cool but I guess it's a matter of standing for what you believe in. I don't know what you should do, I think the easiest thing to so would be to get someone else to do the dirty work. Someone who didn't mind. Tough one though.

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    He's going to die without the treatment if he gets the treatment and still dies, at least he will have had a chance. I realize you're in an impossible situation with this...can you make the treatment available and let someone else administer it so you're not in trouble over it? Also...if it IS effective and saves him, you would be a hero. Your first mistake was telling a heart broken person seeking your help for her dying brother, that your time and research is too precious to waste on an insignificant person. Every life is significant, and his life is hugely important to him and his family. It's a good thing you're in research, because your people skills suck

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    Lol this is crazy man. Ok what i suggest is that you get her to sign a contract as soon as possible stating that she forced you to do this and that if anything happens to her brother, you are not at fault and she has to keep the school from bullying you. Then you can attempt to try this procedure on her brother because like you said if it's regulated by FDA, i dont think anyone else outside of your school will really know about it. Plus if you plan on workin in the US, i dotn think they would really find out about that kind of stuff.

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    wow your in a sticky situation. have you showed her the results of the tests done on the animals? try talking to her and tell her not to think with her heart but her head, and put herself in your position. if it was a 100% going to cure him then i would say go ahead and do it, but because of the results on the animals its a different story. maybe you should talk to your professor about this and just get a second or third opinion about this.

    just explain to her how you feel and how the experiment on the animals went and tell her your not willing to use it on him because it could kill him, and even though hes going to die anyway you dont want to be responsible for his death, and that youll keep trying on to find a way to make it 100% to work on him

    good luck

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    HELP HIM. If you know what you are doing take your best foot forward. I you manage to save him imagine the love you will get from those Morons and it'll help you survive there. All the bEst. Remember : MIRACLES do happen.

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    omfg dude, kudos to you for standing up to her like that!! haha!! you rock!! i think you should just ignore her and her brother. who cares about helping him? it probably wouldnt even work. and then if it didnt work and he died, people would still be mad at you anyways. im used to taking peoples crap at school, so i can easily say dont even try to please anyone. i say screw it! but im a rather careless person so maybe you shouldnt listen to me. :0

    good luck hun <3

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