Scarlett O'Hara a bigger jerk in the movie vs. the book?

If you read the book and go by that instead of the movie, was Scarlett really that bad of a person? I mean yeah, she kind of cheated people, and was insensitive and immature, but she did take care of her family and Melanie and Ashley, and she wanted to make sure her children didnt want for anything. And she didnt even like her sisters much and she hated Melanie, or thought she did til the end of the book.

I always thought the movie made her out to be a bigger jerk than she was. Like the part where she asks Ashley to come to Atlanta and run her mill--in the movie they make it out like she deliberately faked crying, whereas in the book she just burst into tears cause she was upset.

Gone with the Wind was a good movie and everything but they really did change the characters. Ashley was a bigger pansy and so was Rhett--they made him out to be sort of desperate. Scarlett was just a manipulative jerk the entire movie, whereas with the book you knew more about her inner thoughts which showed she wasnt entirely bad. I always felt kind of bad for Scarlett, cause her whole problem was that she never really knew herself til the end of the book, and that caused a lot of her problems.

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    I agree with you.

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