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Would you Rather see Depp as The Riddler or The Joker?

I would love to see him as Joker rather than Riddler. Joker is still alive in the 2nd movie, so it will be weird if in the 3rd movie somehow Riddler appears and Joker is forgotten.

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    I want to remember the Joker as he was, as Heath portrayed him. I don't think even a versatile actor such as Depp could mimic that, and it just wouldn't seem right.

    I think Depp would be an excellent Riddler, as he has proven that he can play just about anything. A lot of people are worried that the Riddler will seem a lot like the Joker, and I think that Depp could convince them otherwise.

    But we don't even know if Depp has been chosen to play the Riddler. We don't even know if they are using the Riddler as the villain.

    Whatever the outcome, I'm very excited for the next film, and can't wait to see who they choose.

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    Johnny Depp is one of my all time favourite actors, but even I don't want to see him as the Joker...honestly Heath played that part perfectly and not even Johnny Depp could replace him. I don't know how they'll resolve the Joker still being alive, probably just say he's in Arkham. No Johnny Joker please!

    So I guess I vote to see him as the Riddler.

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    I'd rather see Johnny Depp in a role he chose to play and, unless I missed something today, he has not agreed to appear in the next Batman movie period. Granted, he might agree to accept a role as the Riddler if it is offered to him, which apparently it has not been thus far, or he may not. Frankly, the longer the unverified rumor circulates that Depp will appear in the next Batman film, the less likely I would think he would be to accept such a role, should it be offered. Depp is not exactly hurting for work, and his career is doing nicely. I'm sure he'll continue to accept roles he wants to play, and will reject offers he doesn't like, and it doesn't matter what hypothetical roles rumor may assign to him.

    The next Batman movie will be unlikely to be released for at least two years, possibly three. Have some patience.

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    Riddler. Heath Ledger's performance was just too good for someone to just recast him.

    Don't get me wrong, I think Johnny Deep could play a great Joker... but Heath got the role first and played it brilliantly.

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    i would rather him be the riddler...The new Joker role was made for heath ledger...that was the role he was meant to play...and i don't think anyone ...not even my fave actor could replace him. but i so hope he does play the riddler!!

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    lets just be glad that Nolan hasnt even aproached Depp for it..

    sorry i think bringing back the joker at all would be beyond stupid.

    he's defeated and in the asylum

    only story that would work good with is bane story

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    riddler would be awesome if he put a "fear and loathing in las vegas" twist to it

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