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Why am I so jealous of single ppl?

I have been married for 8 years and have two daughters. 5 and 2 and yet for some reason I am so jealous of single ppl. I dunno if I am just not happy with my life right or what is going on. I work a full time job and so does my husband and then the rest of the time is trying to keep stuff done at the house and I just recently started my job. I started about 1 month ago. I dunno what is going on. Could someone give me some advise?? It's like I want to run away.

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    I think it is ok to be jealous, but realize that you are on the other side of the fence. Many single people would be jealous of you as well. I think you are feeling this way because, you are probably overwhelmed by your busy life. You more than likely never have time to do anything for yourself. You see single people as free to do what they want and when they want. They only have to take care of themselves. They just seem so happy, that it is sickening. Yes, I feel the same way. What you need is a break. No you should not run away, but if you don't get some "me time" it could drive you crazy. Talk to your husband. Let him know how you feel. Maybe you guys can make some kind of arrangement for you to get away alone or just the two of you. Also, try surrounding yourself with other married people who are positive about being married with children. They can be good reinforcements. God bless you.

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    Single people get to be carefree a lot of the time and also do things on the spur of the moment.

    Being a parent and working full time is HARD! I know exactly what it is like to come home after a long day at work and be faced with cooking dinner, getting kids organised, washing, cleaning, the list goes on! But you should be proud of yourself! I applaud you for returning to work and don't blame you at all for wanting to "run away" lol.

    have you thought about only working part time? Financially that may not be an option for you. Organise with your husband so that you and he have a date night once every few weeks! No kids!

    Maybe even going and talking to someone neutral about this well help you.

    Good Luck :)

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    First of all, why aren't you happy? Figure that out and then work towards making it better. A lot of times we don't appreciate what we have until we lose it.Maybe you need to take some time off your life just a little bit. May be 2 weeks or a month and try and live like a single person and see if u like it. Being single is not easy. You might just appreciate your marriage life again.

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    That is because you miss being single and doing things on your own.

    The reality of being married and having two lovely daughters at their most playful age and a full time job should leave you contented. I am so jealous of you.

    I am sure there are other single people who feel the same way too.

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    Because you miss being out there in the world and not having the responsibilty as a wife and a mother. It's kinda normal, but I think what you could do to less feel this way, is plan a date with your husband and go dancing or something, or even with your g/f's so you still feel alive and enjoy yourself. You are still female and you still are a human being. Haha, I'm 18, I sound so old.

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    Of course you want to run away, your feelings are normal.

    Working full time, trying to nurture a marriage and parent two young children, and maintaining a home etc is no small feat.

    If you want my advice, carve out some time for just YOU, and a little for your husband. Set up a date night, spice things up a bit. But if YOU don't get some down time, time to escape . . . you will burn out.

    Take care of YOU!

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    I have a friend who cries cos she is single and desperately wants a hubby and children. I look at her life and while sometimes I'd love to sleep in on the weekends or eat cup o noodles for tea at 10pm, I see how lonely she really is - despite the going out and constant parties. Trust me, once the kids get older, u'll get a bit more time to urself and it gets easier.

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    You can still live the single life just dont cheat go hang with your friends and have a girl night. Even can have a night with your husband friends and yours live it up life is short.

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    The kissing does not make me jealous because of the fact i will easily bypass make out with somebody purely as much as they might, yet its the hand keeping, the walking edge with the aid of edge, the twiddling with each and each others hair and how the verify out one yet another. it is the kill top there. It hits you like wow, why do no longer I easily have that, why did we'd desire to breakup, all those ideas play with the aid of your head. it is an provoking and sobering thought. i've got dated in the previous and that i think of all of us can agree that it has it is united statesand downs. The grass is often greener, i assume they say. -Hopeless Romantic

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    I think its just that you need some alone time (not necessarily that you want to be playing the field or dating but just some u time) to get to know you again. Sometimes its just nice to be by yourself without a nagging spouce or noisy kids. Maybe you miss you freedom and want some of it back.

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