Why did Bill Clintion shut down the government in the 90s?

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    He didn't. Gingrich did as a political ploy and it backfired, leading to Clinton's reelection. Congress controls the money. It's clearly stated in the Constitution. Gingrich thought he could make people hate Clinton even more. Instead, Clinton received sympathy for having to deal with an obvious sociopath. If Gingrich had not been so over the top and angry the entire time, it may have worked. But Gingrich gotta be Gingrich, the playground bully.

    Notice it was Gingrich who had to resign over an affair with an intern even as he was trying to impeach Clinton.

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    Congress submitted a Continuing Resolution to him instead of spending bills for each department in order to keep the government operating in the absence of those spending bills. He vetoed the Continuing Resolution. The government shut down and he finessed it to make it appear that the Speaker of the House had ordered the shutdown. He got away with that ploy because less than one in five adults know anything about the legislative process. That includes many members of the "main stream media".

  • Clinton didn't shut down the government. If there is no law in place to finance government activities, they simply cannot function. It is up to Congress to pass such a law.

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    He and his Remocrat/Depublican "opposition" where playing some kind of a political game, involving the "holy" Federal Budget". But I don't know the details.

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    He needed to take time off from work.

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    I guess it was panic attack

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