ok , i have forgotten my answer, which is wht i ment in the first place lol... ?

wht do i do now as i cant reset my password?

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    If you try to login with your password and it doesn’t accept it

    then click this link


    It is the Forgot your ID or password? ¦ Help link

    As you answer the questions it will then automatically ask you the security question that you initially selected. You will need to know the answer.

    Otherwise you will not be able to access the account without your password or that information.

    If you set up a new account then I suggest you copy what you type in and go to a Word document, choose Edit > Paste Special and paste as unformatted text then save the file named as your Yahoo! ID. If you have the knowledge you can 'hide' it in your computer.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go through the process of asking yahoo for a new password.

    In the questionnaire Yahoo will ask you the right question for the secret answer.

    eg. if you picked first car originally ..it will ask you what was your first car

    Maybe you will remember then what your answer was

    and you can obtain a new password

    Go to this link and follow the instructions:


    good luck

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