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i think its cherry eye?

I think its cherry eye.?

i have a 1 1/2 yr old blue heeler mix who is with my friend and she called me and sent me a picture of my puppy today and her eye has this mass on it it looks dark red but ive done some googling and cherry eye is where the tear duct is and hers is not on the inside of the eye its on the outside. im thinking its allergies so they gave her something and gave her amoxicillin which is ok'ed by the vet but i was wanting some more opinions? can anyone help?? im very worried bc i don't have the money for surgery and if let alone could it cause more damage?

concerned mother

i also have the picture if anyone would like to see it to better understand me.

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    ,show the picture please, I had a boston terrier, and a cockier spaniel with cherry eye, We had the vet. do surgery (repair the tear in the tear duct.) Sometimes they will remove the infected tear duct. Check on prices and ask the vet. I can call my vet. and ask questions, he doesn't charge for this. Then I ask what he charges for whatever needs to be done, I also tell him what I can afford. and ask about payment plans if it is more than I can afford at one time. my income is limited.


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