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can concentrating on looks destroy you? ?

can concentrating too much on looks destroy you mentally and physically?

can it interfere with your studies and stop what you have to accomplish?

will it make you compare more of yourself to others? can it also damage self-esteem? i just wanna know

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    O! Yes I believe concentrating too much on your looks can highly be destructive as you will tend to lose focus on the ,more important things in life like your goals and dreams.As a result this will definitely affect your studies and you might end up not accomlishing your desired academic success. You will be comparing yourself with each and every person who comes your way; hence losing track of what your goal or purpose in life is... so to speak.Your self-esteem will suffer for sure if you dwell on comparing yourself and as you continue doing so, you might end up being a sad person full of envy, jealousy, hatred and all those nasty things that come with what people who are NOT proud of who they are come with. The less you concentrate on your looks; the more your beauty comes out to other people and this is true beauty that comes from within! Be happy with who you are and live life to the fullest!!!!

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    Yeah, look at Michael Jackson

    No but seriously it can, if some one were to try and look good for another person but failed to look good then that would obviously hurt them mentally causing them to stress...Just keep your mind on whats really important like Family,Studies,Friends, and self-esteem

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    yes it could... because the tendency is you will be more focusing in your outer looks than the things which greatly matters. thus, you would try to compare yourself to others and in that why you are teaching yourself to become insecure. in addition to that, you could develop a tendency to discriminate those persons with not-so-gorgeous people.

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    i think concentrating on them completely can! there is so much more to an individual than how they look - but that doesn't mean you can't take care of yourself!

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    Yes, but not doing it at all could do everything but destroy you (just as bad).

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