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What do you with a shy guy who's confident with friends but has low self esteem w. a girl?

It's like he's always in denial...i've shown him i've loved and cared for him...he's in his 20's, always been rejected, never had a gf...the one person that really cares/loves about him...he's too scared to take chance... someone also said that he's possibly intimated b/c she's pretty...

thing is, they've been close friends for 4 years and now that they're hanging out, he's been more and more open yet very CLOSED when it comes to expressing how he feels. His actions definitely show he's interested...he just doesn't say anything...

assume nothing will happen? or wait in time? this sounds like a carrie/mr. big from "sex and the city"...


I don't really understand the psychology behind this...

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    After being rejected many times he doesn't believe he's worth it. The best thing you can do is express your feelings to him in public in front of others. That may be hard for you to do, but it would show him that he really is cared about and notashamed to be seen with him. That would begin to undo the trauma of constant rejection. It just takes time and constant love, there is no quick fix.

    ....that and you can always just force your self on him =D

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    This guy is heavily shy. you're able to desire to gown in underclothes the subsequent time he comes over. Ask him if he masturbates, ask him if he thinks approximately intercourse or likes it, and pass from there. He could be gay devoid of understanding it yet.

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