Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics to a Mac Dre song "it's nothing"?

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    1 decade ago
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    hey darling, if you search 'Mac Dre song "it's nothing" lyrics'

    (make sure you write the word 'lyrics')

    onto google and press search.

    and ta da! the first site you get will probably be most useful.

    (i did it for you this time lol ;) )

    Come on everybody let's all get down

    To this old-school sound with that K-Lou pound

    It goes a 1-2-3, 3 to 2-1

    Can't leave my house without packin my gun

    I see ****** dying

    Mamas crying

    They say "keep packing Dre" I said "ugh, you lying"

    Man, I hope they don't try to strike him out

    Have him doing big time in Suzy's house

    Hard times is coming to my town

    Graduated from the pen, no cap and gown

    Cuz back in '85, school was soup

    I rolled in trues and vogues, so I sold goop

    Oops-up-side my head

    Next thing I know, I'm doing time in the feds

    Big spreads- with macks and killas

    415s and Black Gorillas

    On the rilla -ugh- it's nothing pretty

    Can't get caught slipping laying under the titty

    Gotta be a savage, can't be no jerk

    Boy, I do's dirt

    And I'm a cold piece of work

    You's a smirk

    And you're scared to get down

    You better do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself around clown

    It's going down

    I thought you smelt it

    ****** PH-in and they just can't help it

    I keep sucka-reppelent

    Cuz suckas is tellin

    Keep it coming out they throat, I grab my coat and I'm bailing

    Two years ago- a cuddy of mine

    Had to do some time 'cuz a ***** dropped a dime

    I'm super-sucka-free

    And they can't xxxx with me

    Cuz I'm a R-O-M-P from the C-R-E-S-T

    We- gets dumb

    You know how we come

    Making up words like shitty-run-fun

    Shitty-run-fun? Yeah, is you with me?

    That's when your stomach is bubbling and your booty is drippy

    Sticky, gooey

    Smoke it with the Louie

    Step in the throne looking real rag-gooey

    Oooowwheeee...! that's how I sound

    So come on everybody, let's all get down

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